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    ‘We teach music because of its immeasurable capacity and potency to act on the heart, mind, spirit and soul.’

    NECOM (New England Conservatorium of Music), is a thriving regional conservatorium on the northern tablelands of NSW. The principal campus is located in the heritage Old Teachers College in Armidale with a satellite campus in Inverell. Armidale is a ‘University’ city of 25,000 residents, famous for its spectacular spring and autumn seasons, its heritage buildings and access to national parks of the region. The dual economies of education and agriculture create a thriving cultural scene to which NECOM makes an invaluable contribution.

    As a regional non-tertiary conservatorium, NECOM is supported by the Department of Education (DoE) to provide music education and performance programs to as many pre-school children, K-Year 12 school students and adults as possible across the New England Region.

    NECOM has earned an impressive reputation for its acclaimed music programs that offer a broad range of music programs and classes. Full details of programs can be found by clicking on each individual program under the Menu Tab 'PROGRAMS'. Enrolment forms can be found by going to the 'ENROLMENT' tab and clicking on the information and enrolment form links.


    Enrolments are accepted throughout the year but a new year start is the best gift of all in 2015  for your child, a family member or yourself.

    Mini Minstrels Program - Early Childhood Music
    Music-in-the-Lap for babes-5 years  (Thurs, Fri & Sat mornings)
    Music Skills for K-Yr 2 (Tues afternoons)

    K-Yr 12 Choral Programs
    Minisingers for K-Yr 2 (Wed afternoon)
    Cantilena for Yrs 3-6 (Wed afternoon)
    New England Singers for Yrs 7-12 (Mon afternoon)

    Foundation Music Program
    A wholistic foundation program for K-Yr 8 that includes individual instrumental lessons, ensembles, accompaniment sessions, and concerts. Instrumental lessons include Strings (violin and cello) for Kinder and above, Woodwind and Brass for children in Yr 3 and above. 

    Instrumental Lesson Program
    Lessons in String, Woodwind, Brass and Orchestral Percussion lessons for students and adults for offered by NECOM instrumental teachers.

    If NECOM cannot provide instrumental lessons of your choice, it also provides instrumental referrals through its Music Educator Members List  - these teachers are avaiable to give lessons in their private studios. For more information on NECOM Music Educators go to the 'ABOUT US' tab on the menu bar.

    Ensembles Program
    Foundation Ensembles - Strings or Windwind & Brass
    Intermediate Ensembles - Percussion Ensemble, Armidale 
    Youth String Orchestra, Armidale Youth Wind Orchestras
    Advanced Ensemble - Armidale Youth Orchestra

    Instrumental Hire Service
    NECOM offers reasonalbe hire rates for fractional and full size strings, woodwind and brass instruments to assist families that do not wish to purchase expensive instruments.

    Bursaries & Scholarships
    Generous bursaries and scholarships are available on application to support young musicians pursue their musical studies.


    For all information please go to the 'About Us' tab, scroll down and click on Inverell Campus.


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