Inverell Campus Looks Towards New Future


Inverell Campus

A new and exciting page in the history of the NECOM Campus in Inverell will commence this term when the Conservatorium Support Group – Inverell, a dedicated team of Inverell music teachers and supporters, takes over the role of managing the Campus.


The story of the NECOM Inverell Campus goes back to early 2004/2005 when this passionate group of music supporters decided that Inverell needed its own conservatorium to encourage music teaching and performance in their community.

Unfortunately, a search for a building to become a ‘home’ for a music campus and for funding support from various bodies such as the NSW government, Tamworth Conservatorium of Music and Inverell Shire Council met with quite a few roadblocks along the way.

 Success finally arrived when the Group approached NECOM Chairman Arthur Rickards and the Board to support their goals and NECOM agreed to establish a Campus at Inverell.

 This was a courageous and ambitious project for NECOM as it had only established itself in Armidale in 2004 but with the passion and determination of all parties, a Campus was opened at Sinclair Place School in Inverell in 2009 and in 2014 the Campus also became the home of the Sapphire City Concert Band Association.

 Fast forward to 2016 and although it has been a roundabout and costly journey to achieve this goal, the Inverell Campus is now ready for its next phase of growth.  Previously, NECOM employed an administration co-ordinator to oversee the Campus and the Conservatorium Support Group – Inverell will step into that role, assisted with ongoing operational funding from NECOM and the Dept of Education.

 The NECOM Board congratulates the members of the Conservatorium Support Group – Inverell Campus for their initiative and dedication:

Bobbie Wigg (President), Chris Newbigin (Vice-President), Linda Pratt (Treasurer), Helen Robinson (Events Co-ordinator, Geoff Croft (Board representative) and Committee Members Peta Blyth, Nicky Croft, Neil Eigeland, Sarah Jones, Michelle McLachlan, Ros Oliver and June Turner.

 The NECOM Campus in Inverell has a very exciting future ahead and we all look forward to seeing it grow and flourish in the community.  

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