Mini Minstrels at Inverell Campus

In 2004, Inverell community members formed a Steering Committee to lobby for the establishment of the Inverell Conservatorium of Music (ICOM). A business proposal and submission was presented to various agencies including the Department of Education and Training (now known as Department of Education) and the Inverell Shire Council. The Dept of Education advised the Steering Committee to seek a merger with another regional conservatorium such as the Tamworth Regional Conservatorium or the New England Conservatorium of Music.  

In 2005 NECOM was approached as it had already given considerable advice and support to the Steering Committee. NECOM accepted the proposal from the Inverell Steering Committee to establish a campus of NECOM in Inverell. The Inverell Shire Council also provided funding assistance towards operations of the campus from 2006 to 2014.

After a considerable search for premises in Inverell, a short lease was gained at 79 Moore Street, formerly Sinclair Place School in September 2007.  In 2009, NECOM was granted a 20-year lease of the Sinclair Place School from DEC and received a Community Building Partnership Grant to develop and expand the campus to include an additional building that adds greater scope and opportunity for studio space, storage and a second large performance area.

In 2014 the campus became the home of the Sapphire City Concert Band with committee members volunteering their expertise and labour to the ongoing maintenance of the Campus facilities. In early 2015, the Sapphire City Concert Band successfully won a local government Community grant to upgrade security, safety and essential services to the rehearsal areas at NECOM as well as install solar sensor lights and sound proofing. 

In 2016, the Inverell Steering Committe determined to take on a greater role in the management of the Campus and incorporated as the Conservatorium Support Group - Inverell Inc 140 1432. The members of the new Group are  Bobbie Wigg (President), Chris Newbigin (Vice-President), Linda Pratt (Treasurer), Helen Robinson (Events Co-ordinator, Geoff Croft (Board representative) and Committee Members Peta Blyth, Nicky Croft, Neil Eigeland, Sarah Jones, Michelle McLachlan, Ros Oliver and June Turner.

The Group stepped into the role of Campus Managers in April 2016 and is dedicated to extending the delivery of music education and performance services to the Inverell community.  In November 2016, the Support Group launched the newly named Inverell Music Centre with an afternoon of performance at the Sinclair School site.

In 2017 the Inverell Music Centre is a busy music hub that is home to the Sapphire City Concert Band, provides teaching studios and performance venues for hire to support music therapy activities, choirs, drama classes, pre-school music classes and workshops for teachers and music students.

For all enquiries, contact the Conservatorium Support Group at:

Inverell Music Centre
Sinclair Place School
79 Moore Street, Inverell

Mobile: 0439 545 294

Postal Address
NECOM Inverell, PO Box 1242, Inverell 2360


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