INSTRUMENTAL TRAINING 2017 (Armidale campus)

Instrumental Program

NECOM's Instrumental Programs offer a broad range of music training activities by dedicated professional teacher-musicians and visiting guest artists. NECOM provides instrumental lessons in a range of string, brass and woodwind:

Strings violin, viola, cello, double bass
Woodwind flute, piccolo, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, bassoon
Brass french horn, trumpet, trombone

If you are looking to learn an instrument not offered by NECOM (eg guitar, drumkit, piano, ukelele, voice) please click on NECOM Music Educator Member List under the tab ‘About Us’ to find a private teacher of your preferred instrument.

Whether you are 5 or 95 years of age, learning to play an instrument is challenging but immensely rewarding. NECOM Armidale offers the choice of two program options:

1. Foundation Music Program for children starting out
2. Individual Lessons Program


NECOM’s holistic FOUNDATION MUSIC PROGRAM provides a comprehensive training pathway that lays down the best foundations required to inspire and support young musicians to develop their innate musical talents.

The Foundation Music Program includes the following:

  • Individual lessons - 8 x 30 min instrumental lessons (string, woodwind, brass) each term at school or NECOM
  • *Ensemble tutorials - 10 x 45 min tutorials with conductor & accompanist each term (Tuesday afternoons) at NECOM
  • Piano accompaniment - 1 x 30 min lesson with a NECOM accompanist each term to perform solo repertoire
  • Concerts - 2-4 Solo and Ensemble concerts each year provide essential performance training
  • Semester reports - A progress report from the instrumental teacher

Recommended ages for children to take up instrumental lessons and join the Foundation Music Program are as follows:
Strings (violin, viola, cello)        Kindergarten to Year 4
Woodwind & Brass                    Year 3 upwards

*Foundation Program Ensembles
International and Australian research proves the significant and far-reaching benefits that playing music with others gives to young musicians. Ensemble performance inspires children to develop their listening, coordination, technical, social and communication skills. Playing in an ensemble develops exceptional skills in teamwork, communication, shared responsibility and leadership - students love ensemble playing because they make great friends and it is one of the favourite social activities of their week. 

NECOM presently provides Foundation string and woodwind ensembles on Tuesday afternoons from 4.00pm onwards. Foundation ensembles rehearse 8 times each term, depending on age and level of students. Ensembles have a conductor, a rehearsal accompanist (where required) and a coordinator to organise music, set-up and concerts.

The 2016 Foundation String Ensemble program has been developed to remain at the forefront of orchestral training practices. The structure centres on small sectional tutorials followed by a block of string ensemble rehearsals. The Junior Puddledock Strings will rehearse on Tuesdays 4-4.45pm with the older Booralong Strings rehearsing at 5-5.45pm. 

Strings All ensembles             
  Puddledock violins  K-Yr 2 Tuesday 4.00-4.45pm
  Puddledock cellos K-Yr 3 Tuesday 4.00-4.45pm
  Booralong violins, violas Yrs 3+ Tuesday 5.00-5.45pm
  Booralong cellos Yrs 4+ Tuesday 5.00-5.45pm
Winds & Brass Huff 'n' Puffs Yrs 3 + Tuesday 4.00-4.45pm

Foundation Program Fees and Enrolment
Please contact the NECOM office on 6788 2135 to discuss any questions your have on the appropriate instrument, teacher and ensemble for your child. For the Foundation Music Program enrolment form, 2015 fees and payment options please click on the tab 'Enrolment'.


NECOM offers 30, 45 or 60 minutes lessons to students - from Kinder to Year 12 through to adults. 

Enrolment into the NECOM individual Lessons Program offers
* 9 x 30, 45 or 60-minute individual lessons each term - at the NECOM campus or at school
*1-2 Solo Concerts annually
* Bonus - 1 x 45-minute technique workshop each term (if appropriate)

Recommended Levels of Enrolment for Individual Lessons
The following levels and corresponding lesson times are recommended to reflect the instrumental student's age, number of years learning, current instrumental technical skills and repertoire they would like to learn and perform.

Elementary Lessons:        30-minute lessons for beginners - performing repertoire up to Grade 1
Intermediate Lessons       45-minute lessons - performing repertoire equivalent to Grades 2-4
Advanced Lessons           1-hour lessons - performing repertoire equivalent to Grade 5 above        

If you are a new student, please contact NECOM (6788 2135) for guidance on enrollment that best suits your goals/needs (lesson time, venue, and teacher availability), then complete the Instrumental Lessons Program Form.

Fees and Enrolment
Please contact the NECOM office on 6788 2135 to discuss any questions your have on the appropriate instrument and teacher. For the Instrumental Lessons Program enrolment form, 2016 fees and payment options please click on the tab 'Enrolment' and scroll down to 'Inverell' forms.

If you are looking to learn an instrument not offered by NECOM, please click on NECOM Music Educators under 'About Us' to find a private teacher of your preferred instrument.

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