Music Curriculum Resource Initiative

Hand-in-hand with NECOM’s new Thursdays@7pm Concert Series presented in partnership with Musica Viva Armidale, NECOM has established a new Teaching Resource Project that provides teachers and their elective music students with free lesson notes on the repertoire to be performed in the concerts. Based on a similar format to the SSO’s ‘Meet the Music ‘ Concert Series and its support for school music curriculum, NECOM’s initiative sees Armidale’s leading music educators write up ‘bite-sized’ lesson plans on musicology, listening and composition for easy classroom application.

 AMTA (Armidale Music Teachers Association) has given this initiative its full support by booking in their students to the concerts to see outstanding musicians and hear great music played live - and to testing out the free resources in their classrooms.

 The upcoming Arcadia Winds concert on Thursday 4 May features a great program and AMTA teachers have been provided with 4 free Resource Kits on the music of Gyorgy Ligeti, Carl Nielsen and two very new Australian commissions by Lachlan Skipworth and Natalie Williams.

 I take this opportunity to congratulate and sincerely thank resource kit writers Corinne Arter, Bruce Myers, Phil Oxley (pictured) and Deidre Rickards OAM for their enthusiasm and support of this school curriculum initiative. They have given very freely of their time and invaluable expertise to write up 4 resource kits that have been shared freely across the AMTA network – they will be a very useful contribution to the music curriculum now and well into the future. Thank You.
Susanne James, Director

Government Associates