AYSO Visit to Glen Innes

This year the annual AYSO day trip and performance was a  much-anticipated visit to Glen Innes Public School and St Joseph's Primary School, Glen Innes. 

To quote Shanny Core, the classroom teacher at St. Joseph's: "Our children really enjoyed the wide variety of pieces played from such a varied background of places and composers- it was a real experience for our students who rarely have the opportunity to see and hear quality classical music played live and the fact that it was young musicians I think they definitely connected more."

AYSO presented a program that took the students on a trip around the world with music telling stories from Venice, Indonesia, America, Tibet and England.  Audience members were also given the chance to try out being the conductor with some great imitations of AYSO conductor Joanna Fairs -Wu's style!

Before heading back to Armidale  AYSO stopped for a picnic and free time at the Standing Stones Park. A big thank you to parent helpers, Mrs Swick and Mr Depauras for accompanying the trip and being so helpful. Also to Belinda Nano for helping to organise the trip and a supplying morning tea.

Gabby, AYSO's first violinist, wrote the following report about the orchestra's experience:

On Tuesday the 22nd of August at approximately 8:15am, AYSO left Armidale in a bus headed for our annual day trip, this year to Glen Innes, bringing orchestral music to the New England Region. It was a swift journey there and excitement was still buzzing around when we got to the first of two schools, Glen Innes Public School.

We went inside the hall to get ready for our first concert and by the time we were about to start to rehearse, the students came filing into the hall.

Our programme consisted of 5 pieces: “Palladio”, “Fiddler’s stroll”, “Sunshine”, “Variations on a Sea Shanty” and “Danse Caracteristique”.  To begin our concert, we gave demonstrations to the students about the instruments we were going to play. Then, after a short introduction given by our Conductor, Johanna Fairs-Wu, our performance commenced.

We played well in our first concert but there was no time to waste. After a quick morning tea break, we headed to our next school, St Joseph’s Glen Innes School, which was conveniently across the field. Just like the first concert, we tuned, had a little warm up and off we went. The programme consisted of the same pieces. The second performance  (in my opinion) was the more polished of the two with clearer sounds and better intonation.

Then, after all of our concerts had finished, we had a quick stop off for lunch at the Standing Stones. We had an hour lunch and this opportunity to run around madly as all young musicians should was not wasted. After that, we hopped back on the bus and headed back home to Armidale.

We would like to thank NECOM, parent helpers and especially our conductor Joanna Fairs-Wu. AYSO thoroughly enjoyed the day and are looking forward to our trip next year.  


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