Excellent AMEB Exam Results for NECOM Students

67 NECOM students performed for their AMEB exams at the beginning of Term 3, an important milestone in each student’s learning. This year the results were exemplary, with almost 100% of student receiving a High Distinction (A+), Honours (A) or Credit (B or B+) for their grade. I congratulate each student on their hard work and dedication throughout the year and also their wonderful teachers and accompanists who provided the professional expertise through their AMEB musical journey this year. 

Here are a couple of selections of the examiners comments:

“……a beautifully prepared program and you performed your pieces with musical insight and flair”
Madi Sim, aged 13, awarded A+ in 6th grade violin

“….played with excellent dynamic contrasts from a warm piano to a projected forté…..the lively character of this piece was conveyed well”
Chris Ramazani, age 17, awarded A in 8th grade cello

“…well done on a musical and well-prepared performance”
Maxwell Buckland, age 10, awarded A+ in 2nd grade saxophone

This year many students took advantage of the AMEB preparation workshops at NECOM and I’m sure this contributed in a small way to the excellent results. These included scale parties, aural workshops and AMEB mock exams. I strongly encourage your children to take advantage of these opportunities as they arise. 

Corinne Arter
Program Manager

Government Associates