HSC Music 2 Workshop

In the September school holidays, NECOM provided a series of HSC curriculum Music 2 Workshops to prepare students for the Music 2 Musicology/Aural exam in October. Students from Armidale HS, Duval HS, O'Connor, PLC, and TAS and their teachers worked intensively on score reading skills and practice concept questions, including the ‘dreaded’ melodic dictation question. Conducted by experienced HSC teacher, Corinne Arter, the course gave students invaluable practice immediately prior to their HSC trial exams. 

The workshops are an important component of NECOM’s suite of activities designed to support the BOSTES school curriculum in our local schools and are provided free of charge.

For further information about workshops offered by NECOM, please contact Corinne Arter at corinne@necom.org.au

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