Dead Composers Society

In the tradition of the Robin Williams film Dead Poets Society, five intrepid students met on the evening of September 15 and formed the first Dead Composers Society. Granted access to the dimly-lit and mysterious Old Music Library, the Society (made up of Isla Biffin, Elinor Warwick, Sophia Mackson, David Tan and Ben Ridges) studied some of Mozart’s deepest and darkest compositions, including the ‘Statue’ scene from Don Giovanni and several movements from the Requiem in D minor, K 262. The group partook of violin-shaped chocolates before reciting an oath, pledging that jokes about Bach, Mozart and Beethoven were forbidden (but Rossini was fair game). All students studied full orchestral scores of the chosen works while listening to recordings, and the meeting finished with each student conducting a movement of the Requiem.

This session will be repeated on Thursday afternoon, October 19 from 4 – 5.30pm for any students who may have missed the Mozart class and would like to form a second society. Interested students in Years 9 - 12 can email Mr Bauer at the Conservatorium    - There are plans to run a Beethoven class for all society members in early December.

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