Second Dead Composers Society

A second group of intrepid students signed up for the Dead Composers Society, a secretive guild of young musicologists charged with the duty of investigating some of history’s most mysterious music. Mia Emmanuel, Mia Baivucago, Disa Smart and Stephanie Clarkson met in the old Music Library of the Conservatorium and studied some of Mozart’s most complex and fascinating works. The students listened to excerpts from the Requiem in D minor while score-reading the Confutatis, Lacrimosa and Dies Irae from this powerful work.  Each student had to identify unusual characteristics within the music, and then had to conduct a movement from the Requiem. In the last week of November, the Society will study works from Beethoven and Schubert, investigating the bridge between the Classical and Romantic periods   -   new members will be most welcome.

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