Proposed Partnership with Boston

What do Armidale and Boston have in common? Boston is 30 times larger than Armidale, and is almost exactly 10,000 miles away (in the old scale), but they both have a school of music called the New England Conservatorium! You may be surprised to learn that these two organisations have a lot more in common than just a name. Russell Bauer, the Director of NECOM, has been corresponding with Tanya Maggi, the Director of Partnerships at NEC in Boston, and both are confident of forging a relationship between the two campuses, despite the tyranny of distance! Some of the most striking similarities between NECOM and NEC are -

  • a strong focus on chamber music
  • a tradition of excellence in choral music
  • educational links between the Conservatoriums and school music programs
  • direct contact with over 1000 students each term
  • music-awareness classes for children as young as 3 years

From the start of 2018, we plan to hold several video-conferencing sessions with our colleagues in Boston so that both students and staff can meet each other and learn about the different approaches in each campus. Of particular interest is NEC’s alignment with the El Sistema philosophy, which supports the view that no child should be denied access to music education, regardless of social or economic background.

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