NECOM is a not-for-profit organisation that operates on cost-recovery only. It aims to keep tuition fees as low as possible and in comparison with fees in Sydney and metropolitan centres in NSW, they remain very manageable for families.

NECOM does not receive funding to subsidise fees and endeavours to keep fees as affordable as possible. NECOM is able to offer bursaries for financial assistance to famlies in need of support (go to the Scholarships & Bursaries tab for information and forms). Please refer to the individual Enrolment Forms for further details of fees and activities for each program.

Click on the link below for the complete list of Armidale and Inverell Program Fees.

NECOM offers families 4 options for payment of fees:

1. Early Bird Discount - to be paid by 5pm on the Friday before each term commences
2. Standard fee - to be paid between from 5pm on the Friday before Week 1 to 5pm Friday of  Week 3 of the term
3. Family Instalment Plan - to be agreed with NECOM administration (Early Bird discount does not apply)
4. Late Payment - a late fee of $35 is added to the Standard fee if the Week 3 payment deadline is missed 

 Detailed information on programs and fees is also included in the separate Information Sheets for each program - go to the Enrolment Tab, click on Enrolment Forms and read through the information before completing the enrolment and payment for 2015.

Enquires: NECOM Office Tel 6788 2135 Our office hours can be found here

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